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Training of creative key talented personnel to be global leaders, organizational leaders, and industrial leaders
Establishment of a platform for the medical convergence industry of Kangwon Province through the establishment of an educational research system to lead the medical convergence industry in the Kangwon region.
Enhancement of the competitiveness of local companies to a global level through establishment of an industrial-educational correlated innovative system of medical convergence connecting local companies, universities, local governments, and laboratories at home and abroad

Kangwon Medical Convergence Center was selected for a project by 5+2 Human Resource Training for Leading Companies in the Regional Economy Program promoted by the government. This is the leading industry of the Kangwon economic region to institute the medical convergence industry of Korea. The medical convergence industry of Korea is expected to grow based on the Kangwon Medical Convergence Center at Kangwon University.

It is a new industry intent on develop promising medical products by convergence and fusion of bio, medical devices, drug manufacturing, and the medical service industry with high-tech companies of IT, NT.

Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology to provide support in the amount of approximately 6 billion won per year for 5 years
- Project period: Jun.22, 2009 ~ May 31, 2014
- Project cost: 6 billion won per year to be supported for 5 years

Fields Departments(Major) Participating Professors Homepage
Medical Device Mechanical Medical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Information Communication Engineering
Medical Bio Medical Life Engineering
Life & Health Engineering
Biomaterials Engineering
Systems Immunology
Basic Technologies of
Medical Convergence
Molecular Life Sciences
Life Science
Veterinary Medicine
Medical Service Emergency Rescue
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Who are the participating students?
  All participating students must submit confirmation of project participation and take more than one qualifying course or participate in the programs of The Center for more than 10 hours.
How can students participate?
  Various benefits like scholarship, training programs at home and abroad, and participation in diverse programs of The Center will be available
* Only students who submit appropriate participation confirmation will be able to participate in all programs of The Center.